Long Runs, Sad Farewells.

It has been a while since anyone has posted, between busy holidays and busy jobs it is hard to find the time.  We have managed to keep up with the running though. Myself and Jess managed our 30 mile run, which felt like a big milestone.  We all completed the Great Wilderness Challenge, an arduous 25mile  mountain trek from Dundonnell to Poolewe taking in breathtaking scenery, and midgies, along the way.  I highly recommend this challenge to anyone, the organization was fantastic, friendly stewards great food stations not to mention the brilliant spread waiting for us back at the Poolewe Village Hall.

                                         Sand Path 2015.01.18-6

There are still a few more races lined up for this year, Tery and Jon are taking part in the Applecross Duathlon, organized by our very own Gerry McPartlin.  Another great event, this one takes you through the Applecross Glen from Hartfield House to Kenmore then a short run on road to the coastal village Arena where you pick up bikes and cycle 15 miles along part of the newly named North Coast 500.  Breathtaking all the way.


Jon, Tery, Jess and myself have decided to return to Glen Coe to give it another go, see how much faster/further we can go.

As I am sure we have mentioned in an earlier post we have, over the past year been looking towards entering  the 2016 Ultra trail Du Mont Blanc.  In order to do so we must complete one of their qualifying races to gain one point.  After a bit of deliberation we decided to enter The Marathon De Ben Nevis.  This is a 40mile run around (not over) Ben Nevis.  Still with 1700m of climb it will be a bit of a mission to say the least.  However I will be running this with Jess.  Who I have to say is the best running partner.  Which takes me to my next point.   Yesterday was a sad day in Applecross as Jess left to return to Cornwall.  Not only will we miss out running companion but our friend and her beautiful children.  Jess is great to run with as she always stays strong and positive no matter how steep the climb ahead is.  Occasionally making this slightly crazy muttering sound in the final stretch while she literally counts down the miles!  I love running the long runs.  If I was to take anything from these long runs to apply to my everyday life it would be this.  Stay strong, think positive and keep moving forward, only looking back to see how far you have come.

Looking forward to seeing you in Glen Coe Jess.


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