Over Thinking

I tend to over think. I overly worry, I over indulge, I over sleep, I over work, and when I can, I like to over party. But can I over run?

Today I ran 14 miles off road, over hills with a 2000ft ascent.  This has been my longest run to date and it got me thinking… (See my first point).

How do I find the best distance for me? I’ve been running for just under a year now and over the months I’ve pushed myself a little bit further, a little bit faster and now it would seem a little bit higher! Where should I stop? Should I stop? Should I keep pushing or should I find a comfortable distance and stick with that?

I found today really hard and I wanted to stop and give up – many times – but I didn’t and right now I feel pretty pleased with myself.  However, committing to running longer distances requires several alterations to my routine. More time away from family, more time away from my business, more time away from chilling out and last but not least more time away from my over indulging. Some good alterations and some bad…

So, let’s see…. what better way to road test the best distance for me other than pushing it a bit and just checking. The next challenge is The Great Wilderness Challenge 25 miles over some more hills.

Like I say, I like to overdo things – but I also need to try before I decide whether its right for me or not. Around the half marathon mark fits in with my lifestyle quite well right now but if we don’t push and we don’t try and get out our comfort zone every now and then we will never know whats right for us. So let’s see.

Right now I’m away to over sleep….me running     Tery

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