Back in 2013, I did a very strange thing.


Why on earth would anybody choose to run 30 miles on a treadmill? Yes, it was another of Grandad’s mad challenges. The prostate cancer motivation was imminent surgery for the condition. The L’Arche connection was longer standing. L’Arche is a charity for adults with learning disabilities. Over the previous 3 years, I had helped raise funds for a new L’Arche home in Edinburgh, now up and running, and a new L’Arche community in Kenya, that I visited in 2012.

U Gerry

I was on my own, 3-4 hours in to the run, when I had an unexpected visit from Mandy Orr of L’Arche’s Edinburgh office. She was carrying an A3 sized photo message from my wonderful friends in Kenya. It was the perfect motivational boost.


I completed the 30 miles within my target time. I think I’ll carry a miniature of the picture with me in London. By 20 miles I’m sure I’ll be needing to “CHANNEL MY INNER KENYAN”!

Gerry McPartlin.

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